Forever Beginners' Computer Club

2021-22 FBCC Schedule


August 31(Tuesday)
Ledford Office
6 pm

COVID-19 & Technology: The Real Side Effect

Sept 22 (Wednesday)
Ledford Office + Zoom
6 pm
Throwaway Society: No More Fixing Computers?
October 4 (Monday)
Ledford Office + Zoom
6 pm
Windows 11: Newest Features
October 20 (Wednesday)
Ledford Office + Zoom
6 pm
Father of Artificial Intelligence: Alan Turing
November 17 (Wednesday)
Bethel Baptist Church
6 pm
Top Scams for 2021
November 30 (Tuesday)
Lion's Club Room, Peter White Library
6 pm
Safe Internet Searches
December 8 (Wednesday)
Bethel Baptist Church
6 pm
Monthly Computer Maintenance
January 10 (Monday)
Lion's Club Room, Peter White Library
6 pm
Top Computer Skills for 2022

Meeting locations include the following: Peter White Library, Bethel Baptist Church, and Ledford Tax & Financial Services building (located at the Crossroads Mini-Mart in Sands Township).

COVID-19 Update:The club will be a mix of Zoom and in-person meetings during the COVID-19 pandemic. The locations of these meetings depend on changing CDC rules and regulations. Please return here often to learn about any new developments.

2021-22 Club Fees:Our club fee for 2021-22 is $30.00 for the year or $5 regular meeting. Your club fee payment can be made by regular mail or handed in person at a meeting. Thank you for supporting FBCC and our mission of lifelong learning, especially from our 6,000+ visitors this year to our website. These visitors represent a vast majority of users who want to learn more about technology, proving once again that a need exists for computer education and training.

Do you want to be a member and cannot attend any of our meetings? No problem. The fee would be $30 per year + exclusive monthly emails sent to club members and class material. Please email our club below for more information.

With more than 28,676+ views (as of 12/2021), our blog page is being read worldwide. Expect three essays to be published each month.

Club Blog: Where's the Real YOU in Technology?

Repeat Meetings: Certain class meetings will be repeated for members who missed out. Not all meetings can be repeated, but we always have next year!

Hot Topic Meetings:These meetings are designed to "highlight" an on-going technology media story that makes national news. I break down fact versus fiction, leaving you to judge for yourself about the topic. Plenty of "hot topics" happen throughout the year. In these meetings, you get to learn about the who, what, when, where, and why of the topic. And believe me, they're hot topics that everyone needs to understand about technology.

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