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Where's the "Real You" in Technology?

Forever Beginners' Computer Club (FBCC)

In 2020, technology is all around us. You can see its domination in the fast-paced world of computers, smartphones, laptops and tablets. Right now, there are 7.8 billion people on this planet, and 4 billion of them are Internet users. Amazingly, 57% of the world uses the Internet. Everything about our world is turning digital. There is no turning back the hands of time. With every new development, our world seems to be more connected than ever before. This leads to more confusion, more demands on our computer skills and our personal time, and more basic know-how to communicate with each other. There is so much to know and so much to learn. It takes technical savvy to live and survive in this digital era.

Since its formation in early 2015, the Forever Beginners' Computer Club (FBCC) of Marquette, Michigan offers you a chance to gain confidence, wisdom, lifelong learning skills, a laugh or two, and even a better understanding about today's technical stuff. Life is complicated. FBCC tries to simplify technical stuff, technical jargon, and get down to the real truth about technology. This unique club gives you a different look into our ever-changing, ever-growing world. That different look hopes to make sense of all the madness that surrounds technology, the madness of developing technology, and the madness of living in a digital age. In fact, madness is today's new normal.

There will always be technology in our lives; that's a given. Right now, the world's greatest minds are working hard to improve and advance our society to unforeseen heights, to new levels of survival. In a modern world, their personal efforts will benefit all walks of life.

Then there is that dark side to the Internet: viruses, spammers, hackers, malware attacks, misleading information, and fake news. There seems to be as much good as there is bad, but we must deal with that aspect to benefit from technology's strange allure and overall value. There will always be people who believe that technology doesn't belong in society, and that it needs to be removed. They believe in the "old ways" of living life.  

Remember this key point: the direct success of any one person in today's world is acceptance. The acceptance of learning and mastering technology keeps one connected and informed. That mastery is an individual choice. Mastering more than one skill in life is a true testament of one's character. That means some skills are still worthy and valuable in this digital life.

Welcome aboard, tech user. Your journey begins here!