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Where's the "Real You" in Technology?

Forever Beginners' Computer Club (FBCC)

In 2024, you are officially surrounded by technology. There is no escaping it or turning back the hands of time. Every generation is affected at this moment. Every interaction in your life, from morning until night, from now until the end of your life, involves some type of technology (whether you are familiar with it or not). All this technical bliss pushes the boundaries of confusion, frustration, aggravation, and stress into our lives. With each new development, our world connects at a more intimate level. Video chats. Texting. Email. Phone calls. Your computer skills to utilize all of these methods of communication have to be at their finest to enjoy and partake in daily activities with others. It takes technical savvy and know-how to live and survive in the modern age.

This unique website gives users information and understanding about today's world. Forever Beginners’ Computer Club (FBCC) provides that know-how with an honest glimpse into the realms of the technology world unlike any other club on the Internet. Using basic layman’s terms and a dose of honesty, FBCC tries to unravel the great mystery behind each new technological development. FBCC tries to simplify technical stuff, technical jargon, and get down to the real truth about technology. You see, technology is not that elusive, not that difficult to grasp at any age. All it takes is your willingness and determination to learn new skills, apply yourself, and move forward, never backward. When technology works well, it works wonders for users. Users cannot let themselves fall behind any longer; they need to be ready for the next big thing because time and time again, change is a given in a digital world.

With over eight billion people on this planet, this is a unique moment in the history of mankind. We are living in a dreamworld made of digital delights, gaining instant access to information, buying anything we desire, posting anything we want, and seeing the world under a new light. In fact, four billion of us are using the Internet daily. That in of itself is incredible. Do consider the vast amount of personal information being stored in today’s cloud servers takes technology to another level of sophistication, to another level of madness. It needs to be said that there is a real madness that surrounds technology, and, strangely enough, that madness is today's new normal.

There will always be technology in our lives; that's a given. Currently, the world's greatest minds are working hard to improve and advance our society to unforeseen heights, to new levels of amazing. You and I are lucky to live in a world where such luxuries and conveniences are just within our reach. That aspect of our lives should be praised for all those who benefit from technology.

And let's not forget about the dark side to the Internet: viruses, spammers, hackers, malware attacks, misleading information, and fake news. There seems to be as much good as there is bad in this world, but we must better handle that aspect to benefit from technology's strange allure to the masses. On the other hand, let's not forget that there will always be groups of people out there who believe that technology doesn't belong in society, that it has no place, and that it needs to be removed and taken down. These same people believe in the “old ways” of living and surviving. This shall never change. You need both sides of an argument to make it worthy. In the end, acceptance of technology shall lead the way for millions who struggle with crossing over to a digital lifestyle.

Please remember this key point: the direct success of any one person in today's world is acceptance. Acceptance means learning and mastering technology to keep one connected and informed to today’s fast, speedy, and maddening world. Your mastery is an individual choice, a choice made solely on your own. Believe me when I say that mastering more than one skill in a lifetime is a true testament to one's character.

Come and join me, tech user. Your journey begins here!