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About FBCC


A Personal Note to All Members

In the 7th year of our Forever Beginners’ Computer Club, the computer industry is not such a foreign entity any more, not so formally misunderstood. Our members are getting an opportunity to learn and digest how the computer industry really works, how to protect their own identities, how to tell the difference between reality and fiction, and how little the computer giants want them to know about their products. Most people are users of technology, who purchase the next upgrade without resistance, without question. Our members have chosen to learn more than just surface-level news reports about industry standards and endless computer jargon that leaves most confused; our members care about their security and their future. That’s what drives them to learn more about topics that may be outside their normal comfort zones.

There are hundreds of topics in the computer industry to examine and dissect. Hardly anyone takes the time or the incentive to learn what they are. These topics very from buying and selling online to email and viruses to smartphones and tablets. There’s not enough being said or taught in America about the computer industry in layman’s terms. Everyone is expected to be knowledgeable and smart while using their electronic gadgets without books or guides. That’s not happening in modern times. Little do people know that computers are slowly decaying their skills, weakening their critical thinking skills, hampering their abilities to memorize and recall facts and figures, eliminating them from traditional “hands-on” approaches, and leaving them literally alone and totally unskilled—although everything that’s praised about technology celebrates its best features: connection, production, and freedom of speech.

Our members are finding out the truth behind the industry and their desires to control and manipulate all aspects of their lives. Signs of control are coming to fruition with banking, emails, smartphones, and social media. There’s not a day that goes by that one of these industries doesn’t get attacked from cyber criminals. It seems that so much of what is online and easily accessible has become our own worst enemy. These threats are real and ongoing, and some of them are somewhat underwritten by the news media; they don’t want to bring light to a system that is not as protected, not as proper as one might think.

Education is the only solution to these ongoing threats. FBCC members are getting that first-rate education into the understanding of science and technology, an understanding that sheds a bright light on what makes this world work, function, and even survive. Think of all the bells and whistles that go on behind the scenes, all the computers running this country, all the people who control everything with a single click, and all the connections we have with all walks of life. It’s truly an amazing time to be alive—and FBCC members understand this connection.

After another year of FBCC meetings, members are beginning to uncover the many stories behind some of the best tech advances in the modern era. They are an elite group of people gathering to discuss and dissect technology, unraveling the science behind how everything works. There’s nobody else doing this kind of dissection of technology in America, because government and big corporations want us to be users, not thinkers. That makes us unique. That's the reason why FBCC works.

FBCC fellowship members are real people—so they can reject or accept what technology they want in their lives. They think, therefore, they act. That personal commitment to imagination is leading the way to great discoveries for many, both professionally and personally.

That same spirit of commitment follows the FBCC purpose: lifelong learning.

Learning opens the door to the modern world. Let’s not forget about technology and government. With the new shift in government power in 2017, members are seeing first-hand the possible social impacts that technology and the Internet has had upon people. In a world full of false stories, lost identities, misleading facts and figures, murder and mayhem, drugs and addiction, technology seems to be at the forefront of the public mindset. This testament is validated by the impact social media has had upon the news media and the recent presidential election. More and more mainstream stories arise from Twitter, Facebook, and other social media outlets. The secret story of America is no longer being hidden away. One thing said online can be broadcast to billions the next day. FBCC members realize the power and precedence technology is having on our society’s general well-being and safety.

FBCC will continue to remain focused on giving honest, insightful presentations on relative topics and subjects, giving its members the good, the bad, and the ugly of how technology really works in a changing, developing digital society.

Monthly Meetings

Members will enjoy monthly meetings on various computer topics throughout the year, except for summer months (June through early August). Windows products will be the focus, along with Apple products. Expect meetings to last between 50-60 minutes, including  Question and Answer time at the end.

Lifelong learning is the goal of FBCC.

Hot Topic Venues

Members will enjoy an all-member access to "Hot Topic" events. These special event meetings will take place every quarter during the fiscal year. This event will be open to all active members.

With honest presentations and informative discussions, you'll be on the cutting edge of the latest discoveries in the computer industry.

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